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White Melon Seeds

White Melon Seeds

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The melon was already cultivated in Ancient Egypt during the 3rd millennium BC, and its cultivation extends to most of the continents. It is native to Iran, Anatolia, and the Caucasus, with a secondary center in northwestern India and Afghanistan.

They are plants with creeping stems, something that we must take into account when planting.

The plant has soft, hairy stems that grow at ground level. Its leaves have a grooved petiole and are palmate, that is, their appearance is similar to that of a hand.

The medicinal use of melon is demonstrated by its presence in the Capitulare de villis vel curtis imperii , an order issued by Charlemagne that calls for his fields to cultivate a series of herbs and condiments including pepones, currently identified as Cucumis melo .

One of the great virtues of planting melons is that we can do it in the seasons with the most extreme temperatures.

Now it will be time to plow the land to avoid any obstacles such as stones or roots of the weeds.

To do this, we must dig at least 10 centimeters with a shovel, remove all the debris and leave the soil ready to replant your melon saplings.

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