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Malva Florida seeds

Malva Florida seeds

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The Florida Mallow, also known as Lavatera trimestris, is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Malvaceae family. It is appreciated in gardening for its showy flowers of varied colors and its easy cultivation.

historical origin

Originally from Europe, it has been cultivated for ornamental purposes for centuries.

Soil, climate and temperature

It adapts well to different types of soil, preferring well-drained soils and temperate to warm climates.


It requires adequate watering to keep the soil moist, avoiding waterlogging.

Irrigation must be frequent, especially in summer. But it is necessary to avoid leaving the substrate or soil flooded, therefore, it is advisable to check the humidity before watering.

Germination and cultivation

Germination occurs in 7-14 days, after which it can be transplanted into the garden or kept in pots. Requires weeding and light pruning for optimal growth and profuse flowering.

Planting method:

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