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Red Corn Seeds

Red Corn Seeds

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Corn is the most important agricultural crop in Mexico. It is not only the basis of food in the country, it is also part of our culture since pre-Columbian times.

This variety of corn is typical in the states of Sinaloa and Sonora, it is a little sweeter and is generally used for pinole.

Corn and man are closely linked, initially by nature, since corn is the product of a long period of domestication. Immediately because of culture, the Popol Vuh tells it well: man in these lands is made of corn.

It is important to know that corn originates from Mexico and therefore we have the greatest diversity of breeds. Of the 220 existing breeds in Latin America, 64 are native to our country.

Its cultivation is very simple, it grows very fast, it likes the sun and water, and as if that were not enough, it can be grown in a large pot.

It is a herbaceous plant, up to 3 meters high, with long, green leaves, but the ear is a very showy red color.

Sowing: Sowing is done from April to June.

Direct sowing outdoors is recommended. Seeds should be planted 2-3cm deep and the distance between individual corn stalks should be around 45cm.

Corn likes to grow in areas with a lot of sun.

The soil must be moist and have good drainage. Ventilation is also essential.

It is very important to sow only one variety of corn at a time, since pollination is very easy.

The seed germinates after a week, depending on environmental conditions. Thus, you will be able to see your plant emerge between 7 and 10 days.

If you have your plant in a pot, it is advisable not to allow it to grow more than a meter and a half, as it can break. For this, you can cut it at that height, the plant will still give the product.

Corn stops growing three weeks after it has developed its dry tassel, a tuft of silky brown hairs on the top of the ear.

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