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Huizache or Acacia Farnesiana tree seeds

Huizache or Acacia Farnesiana tree seeds

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Common Name: Huizache

Family: Fabaceae

Origin: Mexico

Aerial part: Short trunk with spreading branches, doubly divided compound leaves, formed by very small feather-like leaves.

Climate: Temperate, tolerates low and high temperatures.

Soil: It is conditioned in various types of soils.

Circle shape.

Trunk diameter at 1.30 from the floor:

Maximum: 70 meters.
10 years: 0.30 meters.
20 years: 0.45 meters.


Maximum: 12 meters.
10 years: 5 meters.
20 years: 7 meters.

Cup diameter:

Maximum: 10 meters
10 years: 3.50 meters,
20 years: 5 meters

Root system: Extended Pivoting.

Foliage: Evergreen or subdeciduous.

Growth: Medium to slow.

Flowering: The flowers are arranged in sets, each set contains 40 to 50 very small yellow-orange flowers that are very fragrant.

Fruit: Pods that measure 7 to 13 cm long by 2 to 2.5 cm wide. Each pod has 6 to 14 seeds.

Response to pruning: Good but not necessary.

Longevity: 120 years.

Separation: 8 meters.

Propagation: By seed.

Irrigation: Little, only in the establishment, withstands prolonged drought.

Use: Shade, rural constructions, animal browsing, wood, firewood and charcoal.

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