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Huauzontle seeds

Huauzontle seeds

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Huauzontle is a group of edible plants native to Mexico.

It is another of the food plants that Mexico contributed to the world, along with corn, beans, chili, peanuts, avocado, tomatoes, pumpkin, vanilla and cocoa.

At the time of Emperor Montezuma, it was, along with amaranth, the fourth most important crop, after corn, beans and chia.

Various peoples paid tribute to the Aztec empire in the form of huauzontle, but after the arrival of the Spanish, its cultivation and consumption was prohibited, surviving in very remote areas.

Huauzontle, like amaranth, is very resistant to cold and dry climates, and grows even in poor soils. It also has a high nutritional level, which makes it an excellent alternative for regions with difficulties in planting other types of cereals.

Normally the leaves, branches, flowers and seeds of the huauzontle are consumed.

Epazote is another plant of the same genus as huauzontle.

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