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White Sunflower Seeds

White Sunflower Seeds

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The sunflower is a herbaceous crop originally from North America and later brought to Mexico and Peru. In general terms, it is a plant with a straight stem about three centimeters thick and approximately two meters high, alternate and heart-shaped leaves and terminal flowers usually yellow, red and white that, due to their weight, bend in the maturity.

The most important characteristic for which these flowers receive their name is their ability to follow the path of the sun, as they rotate in search of sunlight. The sunflower has the ability to move and orient its leaves, stems and flowers towards the sun naturally and this is known as heliotropism. Sunflowers seek sunlight at all times, so they may twist and move until they receive the light they need.

The sunflower and its beautiful figure

The sunflower is a plant that has a straight and thick stem, and the flower is made up of a brown center and beautiful yellow petals that surround it. The leaves are wide, oval, opposite and are covered with a type of hair that can be rough to the touch. The growth and harvest of this flower is annual, meaning that it germinates, blooms, and dies within the course of a year . The best part about these incredible flowers is that they are capable of growing up to three meters tall if given the right growing conditions.

The secrets to growing sunflowers

Perfect location

For a sunflower to develop correctly and grow in all its splendor, there are several factors that must be taken into account. The first is that sunflowers bloom in summer. The location of this plant is extremely important since although it is a bit obvious, it cannot flower in the shade, which is why it is the ideal vegetation for sunny areas of the garden. But don't worry because if you want to grow sunflowers in a pot you can too, just make sure to use the dwarf flower varieties.

Sunflowers need a lot of sunlight to grow and should be planted in spacious areas to grow as much as possible. In addition, it is extremely important to protect the crop from wind and frost.

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