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Tiger Flower Seeds

Tiger Flower Seeds

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The tigridia, tiger flower or also known as “one-day flower”. It is an iridescent plant native to America where it can be found from Mexico to Chile.

It reaches about 40 cm in height, its leaves are long and reach 60 cm in length. Its flowers are large, around 10 cm in diameter, and despite their short duration, each plant can give us about 9 flowers, which in a way prolongs its flowering. The Tigridia Pavonia flower blooms at dawn around 7:00 am and withers at dusk around 6:00 pm.

Its flowers have a brindle appearance, hence its name tiger flower. And you can find them in various colors, including yellow, orange, red and pinkish.

The tigridia blooms in the warmest months of the year and needs a dormant period in the cooler ones.


Sow in a seedbed or seedbed in groups of two or three seeds and then transplant when they have grown 10 cm.

Its seeds germinate between 20 and 25 ºC and take approximately 15 days.

This plant is easy to care for, it should be located in semi-shade, since intense sun usually discolors the flowers; the soil must have good drainage, rich in organic matter and loose; It grows in humid places, with regular watering during the hot season.

The best time to plant is at the beginning of spring, it blooms when summer arrives.

In winter the plant enters a dormant period and we must take care of the bulbs if we live in a cold place. These will come back to life in spring and produce new leaves and flowers. When flowering ends and before the dormant period begins, it is advisable to stop watering. The bulbs must be kept dry during the dormant period and only after the third year is the plant considered to have reached maturity. It will be time to remove the bulbs and inspect them before replanting them.

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