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Endive seeds

Endive seeds

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The escarole can show smooth or curly leaves depending on the specific variety, but it always has a spicy flavor with bitter touches that makes it very characteristic. The central leaves are lighter in color and less bitter. Its best time is winter.

Annual plant belonging to the Compositaceae family. Its leaves are placed in a rosette, unfolded at the beginning in such a way that they never form a pellet. It emits the floral stem that branches when ripe. It supports low temperatures better than high temperatures, it can withstand temperatures as low as -6°C.

It is believed to be native to India where it has been cultivated for centuries. The ancient Egyptians already knew it and used it cooked and as a salad. In Spain, the cultivation of curly leaf endives is traditional, while the cultivation of smooth and wide leaves dates back to the 1960s. To make the most of its vitamin value, it is recommended to eat it in salads, it is easy to digest and excellent for any type of diet

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