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Delphinio or Delphinium Seeds

Delphinio or Delphinium Seeds

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Delphinium or also called “Larkspur” is a beautiful flowering plant that originates in Europe in the high tropical mountains of Africa and North America. Reaches up to 2 m in height. It has double or single flowers that are grouped together forming spikes or clusters of various colors such as: red, purple, pink, white, blue and violet. They are excellent cut flowers for floral arrangements. It grows best in semi-sunny places and sandy soils. Its irrigation should be constant but not abundant. It is recommended to cut the flowers as they grow to encourage flowering; tall plants may require a stick as a guide.

  • It is a plant that requires a cool, humid climate to grow well. It adapts best to temperate and cool climates.
  • Prefers soils rich in organic matter and well drained.
  • Can be cut for use in floral arrangements. To do this, it is recommended to cut the flowers when they are fully open and before they begin to wilt .
  • For the cultivation of Delphinium, the location, soil, irrigation, fertilizer, among other things, must be taken into account. There are two ways to grow this crop, in a garden or in a pot, and it is very important to take into account the care it needs for good growth and flowering .

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