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Colorful Carrot Seeds / Pak of 6 Var. **

Colorful Carrot Seeds / Pak of 6 Var. **

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This package contains.
  • 2 envelope of Yellow Carrot 12 weeks. C/U = 24
  • 2 sachets of White Carrot 12 weeks. C/U = 24
  • 2 sachets of Carrot Chantenay 15 weeks. C/U = 30
  • 2 envelope of Purple Carrot 15 weeks. C/U = 30
  • 1 envelope of Carrot Nantes 1250 weeks. = 1250
  • 2 sachets of Black Carrot 15 weeks. C/U = 30
  • Total________________________________________1,388 seeds

Did you know that carrots weren't always orange? In reality, they were purple. The Dutch turned them into oranges in the 17th century, after multiple crossings and experiments, in order to achieve the color of the Dutch royal house of Orange. And they got it. The result was a softer and sweeter variety that spread throughout Europe. But before, they were purple. And today this oriental variety, which is actually the original, is being revived, along with other varieties of different colors. And they can all be grown in pots.

  1. Black Carrot:
    • Color: It has a dark, almost black hue to its skin.
    • Flavor: Tends to be sweet and earthy.
    • Uses: They are usually used mainly for specific ornamental or culinary purposes due to their unique color.
  1. White Carrot:
    • Color: The skin and flesh are creamy white.
    • Flavor: Tends to be milder and less sweet than traditional orange carrots.
    • Uses: It is used in dishes where a white color is sought or to create visual contrasts in salads and raw dishes.
  1. Chantenay Carrot:
    • Shape: They have a conical shape and are shorter and thicker than traditional carrots.
    • Flavor: They are sweet and juicy.
    • Uses: They are ideal for growing in dense soils and are used in a variety of dishes due to their sweetness and texture.
  1. Purple Carrot:
    • Color: They have a purple outer skin and a deep orange interior.
    • Flavor: They tend to be sweet and have a slight earthy flavor.
    • Uses: Used in salads, as a garnish, or simply as a more colorful carrot option.
  1. Yellow Carrot:
    • Color: They have a yellow outer skin and a pale yellow interior.
    • Flavor: They are sweet and tend to have a milder flavor than orange carrots.
    • Uses: Used in a variety of dishes where a vibrant yellow color is desired or to add visual variety.
  1. Carrot Nantes:
    • Shape: They are cylindrical and medium in size.
    • Color: They have a bright orange skin and a deep orange interior.
    • Flavor: Sweet and crunchy.
    • Uses: They are versatile and are commonly used in cooking for pureeing, soups, salads and as a raw snack.

Each carrot variety has its own distinctive characteristics in terms of flavor, texture, shape and color, making them suitable for different culinary uses and personal preferences.

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