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Seeds of Watermelon Sugar Baby

Seeds of Watermelon Sugar Baby

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 Sugar Baby Watermelon: Outstanding Features

The Sugar Baby Watermelon stands out for its strong rind and firm, bright red, very sweet flesh. Also, it can tolerate short-distance transportation without losing its qualities. Its fruit is round in shape, with dimensions of approximately 22 cm long by 20 cm in diameter and an average weight of 4 to 5 kg. The bark is smooth and dark green. Its maturity cycle is early, taking around 80 days to reach full maturity.

Historical Origin

The Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is a species that originates from the African continent, where it was domesticated thousands of years ago. Over time, different varieties of watermelon, including Sugar Baby, have been selected and cultivated to improve its characteristics and adapt it to different climates and soils.

Planting Time to Harvest

The time from planting to harvest for the Sugar Baby Watermelon is approximately five months. Sowing is done in spring, around April and May, when temperatures are warm and conducive to germination. The harvest is usually carried out from the month of July, when the fruits have reached their maturity and are ready to be consumed.

Soil, Climate and Temperature

Sugar Baby Watermelon does best in rich, well-drained soil. It is important to ensure that the soil has good drainage capacity to avoid waterlogging that can damage the roots of the plant. Regarding the climate, it prefers a warm and sunny environment for optimal growth. Ideal temperatures range between 23 ºC and 30 ºC. Although it is resistant, cultivation in areas with extremely cold temperatures should be avoided, since it can affect the development of the plant and the fruits.

Irrigation and Soil Planting Method

Irrigation is essential for the successful cultivation of Sugar Baby Watermelon. During the plant and fruit development stage, it is important to maintain adequate soil moisture for optimal growth. However, it is crucial to avoid excess water, as it can cause the fruit to crack during handling.

The soil sowing method consists of sowing the seeds directly into the ground with a sowing distance of 2 mx 2 m or 4 mx 1 m (2 seeds per blow). Approximately 10-12 days after sowing, it is advisable to thin the plants, leaving only one plant per blow to ensure adequate growth.

Pot or Container Planting Method (if feasible)

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