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Seeds of Watermelon Charleston Gray

Seeds of Watermelon Charleston Gray

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The Charleston Gray watermelon is a variety of watermelon characterized by a thick rind and an elongated shape. The fruits are large and elongated, with a weight ranging between 9 and 16 kg. The flesh is fine red with a firm texture and sweet flavor. The seeds are large and brownish-black in color.

Watermelon is considered to originate from tropical African countries and its cultivation dates back centuries to the banks of the Nile, from where it spread to numerous regions bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. The European settlers were the ones who took it to America, where its cultivation spread throughout the continent.


Annual, herbaceous plant, creeping or climbing habit, with thin stems, covered with hairs, of variable length (5 or 6 meters), branched with tendrils, the leaves are petiolate, with a broken blade, light green cylindrical fruit, red pulp strong from 11 - 16 kg.

The main root manages to deepen up to 1 m., the secondary ones have a lateral growth reaching up to 2 m. Stems: The stem is green, prismatic or cylindrical, climbing, creeping, with a length of 2.9-4.0 m. and sometimes with soft villi.

Watermelon is a magnificent diuretic, its high alkalizing power favors the elimination of acids that are harmful to the body.

It is made up mainly of water (93%). The pink color of its meat is due to the presence of the carotenoid lycopene, an element that represents 30% of the total carotenoids in the human body.

This variety has shown excellent acceptance by producers because it has a very good storage capacity and is resistant to transport, and by consumers because of its sweet flavor and firm pulp, strong bright red color and high quality.

The fruit is elongated (oblong), 60 cm long by 25 cm in diameter. Approximate weight 11 to 16Kg.

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