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Seeds of Watermelon Peacock

Seeds of Watermelon Peacock

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An Exceptional Watermelon Crop

Peacock Improved is a variety of watermelon known for its optimal plant development, its rusticity and its high adaptability. Its fruits, large and oval, have a dark green skin and a juicy red pulp. The full ripening of the fruits is achieved in just 80 days.

Origin and Diffusion

Originally from Africa and belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, Peacock Improved has gained great presence and popularity in Asia. Its cultivation has spread throughout the world thanks to the enormous size of its fruits, having reached the record for a watermelon weighing 88.5 kg.

Growing Conditions

Watermelon is a very sensitive crop to low temperatures, so its optimum development occurs in warm climates , with temperatures ranging between 18 and 25 °C. November is the recommended time to grow this delicious fruit .

For germination, a minimum temperature of 15 °C and a maximum of 45 °C are required, with the optimum temperature being 25 °C.

Soil Preparation and Exposure

The ideal soil type for growing Peacock Improved is rich in organic matter and well drained. Also, this variety thrives in full sun.

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