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Rue seeds

Rue seeds

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It belongs to the Rutaceae family . Its strong smell is repellent to many insects. This plant tends to attract butterflies, but not all, and it is a beautiful yellow flower of great ornamental beauty. For these and some other reasons it is important and truly beneficial for a gardener to grow and learn about this plant.

It is necessary to highlight that rue has bluish-green leaves, which perhaps some resemble ferns, as they are quite bushy. Its flowers are yellow. Their size is normally 60 to 90 cm high.

It is a perennial bush plant. It has very aromatic leaves and is an attractive herb whose dried leaves can be spread over your house to repel insects. The dried leaves are also effective when used in a sachet.

Water infrequently, giving it a deep soak every two to three weeks. In its native range in the Balkan Peninsula and southeastern Europe, it grows in dry conditions in shallow, rocky soils.

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