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Rosemary Seeds

Rosemary Seeds

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(Rosmarinus officinalis)

This aromatic plant can be easily planted at home, either in a pot or directly into the ground as a shrub in the garden. It needs very little care and adapts to all types of climates, although it prefers the warmest and driest ones.

Rosemary is a plant traditionally linked to love, as it is considered to have stimulating and aphrodisiac properties, as well as an excellent taste that enhances the flavor of numerous dishes.

Rosemary is a perennial plant that adapts to different planting conditions although it prefers warm, dry weather as well as sun exposure.

To plant rosemary from seeds, it is recommended to mix the soil with sand.

Rosemary is a resistant plant that adapts to different planting conditions, although it prefers warm, dry weather as well as sun exposure. Ideally, it should grow in well-drained and alkaline soil because then it will give off a greater odor. Rosemary root may rot in waterlogged soil.


This plant grows optimally in calcareous, dry and stony soils. It does not tolerate very compact clay soils that waterlog its roots.


Sow it in a seedbed and after two months it will have taken root and we can transplant it to the pot or place in the garden where we want to grow it.

The pot or place in the garden where you are going to place the rosemary must be well drained, as it cannot tolerate excess humidity.

It requires a large amount of light, so whether in a pot or in the ground, it should be in a corner where it receives abundant light.


Rosemary requires moderate watering, never abundant. Although in the summer season, and depending on the specific climate of the area, we will have to water more, but without ever flooding its roots.


Rosemary does not need fertilizers, since it is a very resistant plant. Perhaps, once a year, you can add some organic fertilizer such as Happy Flower Active Humus.
The best way to keep rosemary strong is to prune it as we need to use its branches or eliminating those that are aged or dry.


Since rosemary is a perennial plant, it is not necessary to wait for a specific time to harvest. You can cut twigs when you need them or are going to consume them. Although you can also use them to dry them and use them throughout the year once the plant is 20 cm high.

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