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Daikon Radish Seeds

Daikon Radish Seeds

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Daikon Radish:

Main Features

Daikon radish, also known as Japanese radish, is a unique variety prized for its particular characteristics. Their distinctive features are detailed below.

Difference with Other Radishes

Compared to other radishes, the Daikon stands out for its elongated and cylindrical shape, its white skin and its mild flavor. It is often larger than other radish varieties and is used in various cuisines, especially Asian.

Historical background

With roots in Asia, the Daikon radish has a rich culinary and medicinal history. Its presence in food and traditional medicine has contributed to its popularity over the centuries.

Sowing Time to Harvest

Daikon is preferably planted in spring or autumn. The estimated time from planting to harvest varies, but is usually between 60 and 70 days, depending on growing conditions.

Soil, Climate and Temperature

It thrives in well-drained, loose soil, preferably rich in organic matter. It tolerates various climates, but prefers moderate temperatures. It adapts well to cool climates, with ideal temperatures between 15°C and 20°C.

Sowing Method in Pot and Direct to the Ground

Daikon can be grown both in pots and directly in the ground. In pots, a well-aerated substrate is recommended. For direct sowing, the soil must be properly prepared to ensure good root development.

Sowing and Germination Depth

The suitable planting depth is around 2-3 cm. Germination usually occurs in about a week, as long as ideal humidity and temperature conditions are maintained.

Cultivation, Irrigation and Harvest

Daikon cultivation requires adequate spacing between plants to allow optimal development. Watering should be regular to keep the soil evenly moist. Harvesting is done when the radishes reach the desired size, generally between 15 and 30 cm in length.

These guidelines provide key information for successfully growing Daikon radish, a unique and versatile addition to the variety of radishes available.

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