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Yellow Dragon Pitaya Seeds

Yellow Dragon Pitaya Seeds

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Pitahaya or dragon fruit is a cactus-type plant that only blooms when night falls and commonly grows in tropical or subtropical environments.

This species is perennial and epiphytic or terrestrial, since it can survive anchored to the ground or from the moisture and nutrients extracted from the bark of trees.

Succulent type cactus, with long stems with a triangular profile on its outer surface and few spikes, with few initial branches and little thickness. It usually needs firm vertical support to grow around it as it increases in size, and can reach several meters. 

How to grow pitahaya - step by step

Sow the seeds from the packet superficially in finely sifted, previously moistened soil.

Between 30 and 40 days it will have germinated.

Wait three to four months for the transplant

Fertilize the area with organic matter so that the soil is rich in nutrients and the plant can take advantage of them in its development.

Transplanting or growing is carried out in winter, once the dragon fruit plant is rooted.

Open a hole about 20 cm deep and insert the dragon fruit plant there. Cover it with substrate.

Place stakes, that is, bases that will serve as a guide for the plant to climb and develop through them.


From these flowers, hermaphrodites, very beautiful but of ephemeral existence and shining at night, when they attract insects due to their intense aroma, the fruit develops, with an ovoid shape and also

showing a very striking and peculiar color.

 From the greenish birth that initially joins it to the plant, the pitahaya grows and fattens as it turns yellow or a red or pink tone. The apparent scales of the bark develop groups of thick, hard spines that increase their beauty but make handling difficult, and must be removed before harvesting.

There are four varieties established in the market of this pitahaya fruit: red with white pulp, red with red pulp, red with purple pulp, and yellow with white pulp.

The dragon fruit cactus has the advantage that it adapts very well to drought and practically all types of soils in the southern half of the peninsula, not necessarily needing an exclusively tropical climate.

Its low water demand - two liters a week - and its rapid growth, added to the fact that it can be planted at any time, in just two years since it was planted, it is already offering fruit.

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