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Pine Nut Seeds - Piñonero

Pine Nut Seeds - Piñonero

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Pinion Tree

This seed is obtained almost entirely from the stone pine Pinus cembroides , an evergreen tree that measures five to fifteen meters , with a rounded crown and short trunk. The cones or pine cones are approximately five centimeters long and between their scales the subcylindrical seeds are produced, ten millimeters long, blackish brown in color and with a hard surface, which once their shell is removed offers the pink seed that is marketed.



Needs of stone pines


It is a tree that does not require a lot of water, so it can withstand high temperatures well, not above 40°C, and droughts. It is also capable of withstanding low temperatures well, surviving at -20°C, although from -10°C it begins to suffer damage to the tissues and leaves.
It grows at altitudes between 0 and 1200 meters above sea level.


It is used to surviving in almost any environment. . The only thing it does not tolerate well are soils that are easily waterlogged.

Food needs

Regarding the nutrition of pine trees, we can say that they do not need a large amount of organic matter to grow faster or produce more pine nuts.

The production of pine nuts from a Pinus Pinea L. is one of the latest as it will take several years to start producing pine nuts.

Flowering occurs in late spring and early summer . The pine nut will be mature after 3 years after flowering.

How to plant pine nuts

 The main thing is a pot about 15 cm deep and about 10 cm in diameter. This way, as the pine nuts begin to germinate, they can stay in the pot for a while.

A substrate composed of organic matter Earth to Germinate Hortyjardín ® and mixed with Agrolite or Perlite


· The seeds are placed in water for 24 hours to hydrate them and accelerate germination.

· Next, the pots are filled with the substrate.

· Afterwards, a maximum of one or two sprockets are placed in each one.

· Finally, they are covered with a thin layer of substrate and watered.

· When they are planted, they are placed in an area where they receive direct sunlight, and the substrate is kept moist. In a matter of fifteen days we will see the first ones germinate.

Pine nut collection

The pineapples are harvested starting in December.

Harvesting is done manually on unopened ripe pineapples. To do this, it is necessary to climb the trees using climbing techniques. Once the pineapples are collected, they must be spread out in the sun or in artificial drying rooms. These are opened by heat and low environmental humidity and then, by turning and tapping them, the pinion is extracted.





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