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Moctezuma Ocote Pine Seeds

Moctezuma Ocote Pine Seeds

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Pinus montezumae Ocote

The Pinus Moctezumae is a species of pine endemic to Mexico. It is a tree that can grow up to 35 meters in height and its trunk can have a diameter of up to 1 meter.

Pinus montezumae, the Ocote (from the Nahuatl ocótl), is a tree species of the Pinaceae family, genus Pinus.

It grows in pine and oak forests in places between 1400 and 3200 m above sea level, with rainfall between 900 and 1600 mm and with an average annual temperature of 11 to 18 °C, so it can be found in areas forests of the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala. The cities of Ocotlán in Jalisco, Ocotlan de Morelos in Oaxaca, Ocotal in Nicaragua and El Ocotal in Costa Rica derive their names from this word. The old name of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc was El Ocotal


The seeds show embryo lethargy, so they must first be soaked in common water at room temperature for 24 hours (scarification), then preferably stratified in the cold for 30 days at 2-4°C, to improve germination.

Germination of Pinus Moctezumae seeds is slow and can take up to 3 months to germinate. The development of the tree is slow and can take up to 10 years to reach a height of 2 meters.

Direct sowing in peat in the autumn or spring or summer months, or when the temperature does not drop below 15 degrees Celsius.

This conifer reaches a height of between 20 and 35 m and a trunk up to 80 cm in diameter; Its leaves generally form groups of five, dark green in color, the bark of this tree is a reddish brown hue. Its wood is white and resinous.

Place three seeds indoors superficially in a small pot with finely sifted soil containing coconut fiber powder and agrolite (so that it retains moisture and has sufficient drainage), wait for it to germinate for approximately 15-30 days. And we wait until it has 5 leaves and 12 cm to be able to transplant it to a large pot or to a permanent place outside.

Its leaves are long and measure 15 to 40 cm and its seed cones are very large. This pine has a very particular growth as a strategy for its development that has been called "grass stage". For a long time the foliage does not grow but the root develops a lot, later, at a given moment the growth of the stem and crown begins.

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