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Phlox Seeds (Juanitas Mix)

Phlox Seeds (Juanitas Mix)

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Very branching perennial plant, with evergreen foliage, easy to grow, exceptionally perennial in the greenhouse, reaching 30 to 50 cm in height. Showy flowers, arranged in multifloral cymes, usually corymbose, that is, the flowers start at different heights and all reach the same level. Phlox drummondii, native to Texas, has produced numerous varieties, all notable for the beauty and brightness of their colors. There are also some double varieties, and other dwarf ones, with star-shaped flowers, that is, with a spot in the center, in the shape of a star, of a color different from that of the flower.

SOWING: Sow indoors in a seedbed* or in a small pot, covering the seeds with 3 mm l of finely sifted black soil.

CLIMATE: They adapt to any terrain and climate, although in very hot climates they require slightly shaded places for better flowering.

GERMINATION: Germination takes 10 to 15 days depending on soil conditions, temperature and humidity.

Transplant to a sunny location when the seedling has reached 10 cm in height and there is no risk of frost, leaving a distance of 10 cm between plants.

IRRIGATION: Irrigation should be done delicately, trying not to "bounce" the seeds on the ground.

Flowering generally occurs from December to January.

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