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Papalo seeds

Papalo seeds

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Plant native to Mexico, Central America and South America. Also known as Papaloquelite. Its name in Nahuatl is: "Papaloquilitl" comes from the word "papalotl" which means "butterfly" due to the similarity of the shape of its leaves with butterflies and "quilitl" (quelite or edible grass) . Its leaves have a strong and characteristic flavor. Its consumption is always fresh (raw) because if it is cooked it loses its flavor. The more tender leaves have a more delicate flavor. It is used to accompany various types of food or added to dishes at the end.

Pápalo leaves can be used to flavor soups, salads, beans, stews, guacamole and salsas, even used as a substitute for cilantro. Medicinal properties are attributed to it for cases of high blood pressure, stomach disorders and infections. It does best in warm weather. It does not support frost. It grows between 20 and 30 cm, although in warm places it can measure up to 2 m in height. Easily grown in sunny, well-drained locations. In the leaves, some pores can be seen with the naked eye, from which oil comes out, which gives it the characteristic smell and flavor.

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