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Purple Panalillo Seeds

Purple Panalillo Seeds

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Panalillo is a low-growing plant, only 10 cm. tall, which is tolerant to a wide variety of climates and can be used as a border plant and in rock gardens. The foliage is dense and its flowers vary from white to violet in various shades, with a light perfume.


The Panalillo Flower, also known as Mexican Asclepias, is native to Mexico. It is a perennial plant that is frequently found on the edges of plots and open rocky terrain in the high regions of the country.


The Flor de Panalillo is very versatile. In gardening, it is used as a rockery or ground cover plant, due to its ease of germination and its low height. It is also used to fill empty spaces in gardens, thanks to its small size. In addition, it is used for rock gardens, rockeries, steep slopes and cracks between rocks.


The Flor de Panalillo is very adaptable and can grow in all types of soils, as long as they are neutral to clay and have good drainage⁶. It prefers calcareous, rocky or very well-drained soils so that it establishes itself better.


This plant is good for temperate climates and likes full sun, although it tolerates semi-shade well. If it does not receive a good number of hours of sun per day, it usually blooms in smaller quantities.


The Panalillo Flower is resistant to heat and drought. It can remain in flower for a long time, sometimes even until the arrival of the first frosts.


It should be watered regularly and intensify watering when temperatures are high. During the summer, as it is usually a very hot and dry season in many places, you will have to water very often, but the rest of the year not so much⁶. It tolerates a lack of water in the substrate better than prolonged waterlogging.

Sowing Method

The Panalillo Flower is propagated by seeds. The appropriate time to plant is at the beginning of spring or at the end of summer. The seeds or the newly germinated plant are inserted into a hole and watered.


The Panalillo Flower can germinate considerably quickly compared to other plants.


Once it has grown completely, the care it requires is less than when it is in the process. Pruning after the first flowering will favor the formation of new and abundant shoots. It is beneficial to continue flowering vigorously by removing the flowers as they wither.


The Panalillo Flower blooms intensely in full sun. Its flowering is from April to mid-summer. The flowers remain on the plant for a long time, especially in temperate climates.

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