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Seeds of Wonder of Peru

Seeds of Wonder of Peru

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It is the most cultivated plant, as an ornamental, endemic from Mexico to Chile.

Opening feature:
A fascinating characteristic of the "Maravilla del Perú" is that its flowers open at sunset and give off a sweet and intoxicating aroma. This has earned her the name "Night Beauty" or "Night Beauty". The flowers remain open throughout the night and close at dawn. Also, they can attract nocturnal pollinators, such as moths and bats.

A curious peculiarity of this species is that flowers of different colors can be produced simultaneously on the same plant, and even an individual flower can be dotted with several colors. Another of the phenomena that it presents is the change of color. For example, in the yellow variety, as the plant matures, it may produce flowers that gradually change to dark pink. Similarly, white flowers can change to light purple. The flowers begin to open in the afternoon, producing a strong and sweet fragrance; and they begin to close at midday. Despite their appearance, these flowers are not made up of petals but a pigmented modification of the calyx.

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