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Mantle Seeds Mix of Colors

Mantle Seeds Mix of Colors

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Plant native to the tropics, very easy to grow, it grows quickly in the form of a leafy vine, making it ideal for covering fences (it grows from 2 to 3 m). It has abundant bugle- or bell-shaped flowers in lilac, white, pink and blue, with alternating leaves and stems. It blooms during the summer and part of the fall, its flowers are characterized by the fact that they open in the morning and close at night. It grows best in sunny locations and well-drained soils. Because it is a climbing plant, it needs to be planted near a fence or mesh that serves as a guide. In times of drought, irrigation should be abundant.

Cultivation: The "Manto" is an annual plant that is grown mainly from seeds. It can adapt to a wide variety of climates and soils, but prefers sunny locations and well-drained soils. It is an excellent option for home gardens due to its easy cultivation and maintenance.

Sowing: Sow in sunny places, in a pot, planter or directly in the ground, when there is no risk of frost, leaving a distance of approximately 15 cm between plant and plant, at a depth of 5 mm, covering the seeds with a layer of soil. finely sifted black. Irrigation should be done gently or preferably with a spray bottle, trying not to "bounce" the seeds on the ground. Germination occurs approximately after 10 or 15 days depending on soil conditions, temperature and humidity. It can also be planted in a seedbed or in a small pot of 10 to 12 cm in diameter indoors. Transplant when the plants are 8 to 10 cm high, taking care not to expose the roots to the air, as they are very delicate and die immediately when exposed.

Care: The "Manto" requires regular watering to keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged. It is important to provide supports or trellises so that it can climb and develop properly.

Benefits and uses : In addition to being an ornamental plant, the "Manto" can also attract beneficial pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, to your garden . Additionally, the flowers can be used in floral arrangements and are edible, so they can be a beautiful garnish on salads and desserts .

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