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Lion's Hand Seeds

Lion's Hand Seeds

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Also known as “Flor de Terciopelo” it is used like the Cempaxúchitl and others for the time of the dead in Mexico. It is an easy plant to grow.

 It is a plant of tropical origin. The flowers are pink, orange, red, violet. The flowers last a long time on the plant. Blooms during the fall.

The flowers also change the tone of their leaves, some are dark green with a small touch of violet, however, others are pale green, all combinations are very pretty and decorative.

The soil should remain moist, but not waterlogged. Place in full sun or partial sun.

We must gradually remove the dried flowers, thus promoting the growth of the smaller ones, which are growing on the same stem.

This plant does not resist the cold, as temperatures drop it will weaken. It can be grown in a greenhouse during the winter, but it cannot tolerate low temperatures.

It is sometimes grown as a houseplant, especially in cold climates. Indoors, it should be placed near the windows where it receives natural light.

 SOWING : Sow a seedbed or seedbed, in a pot, in a planter when there is no risk of frost, leaving a distance of approximately 40-50 cm between plant and plant, in sunny places at a depth of 5 mm, covering the seeds with a layer of black soil. finely sifted.

GERMINATION: Germination occurs approximately after 10 or 15 days depending on soil conditions, temperature and humidity.

TRANSPLANT: Transplant when the plants are 15 cm high.

WATERING: The first watering should be done gently or preferably with a spray bottle, trying not to "bounce" the seeds on the ground.

FLOWERING: It will take approximately 100 days and the cutting can be done when the flower is well developed.

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