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Lily Seeds

Lily Seeds

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You can find this bulbous and perennial plant in almost any type of soil and garden, as it is very easy to propagate and root.

It usually develops from an underground bulb that stores nutrients. It can measure about 90 cm in height, with the usual being around 60 or 70 cm.

Its leaves are perennial, that is, they remain green throughout the year, even in the dry season you will have a green garden.

The flowers are the highlight of the lily.

They grow from a terminal stem with leaves at the base, the flowers are large in size and a very bright purple color. Other species of Iris can be of different shades, such as white, red, yellow and even variegated.

Generally, the flowers are scented. In addition, they are made up of three 12 cm sepals and 3 petals. The lily blooms from the beginning of spring until the end of summer.

This plant is a striking species thanks largely to its beautiful flowers. This fact has made it one of the favorites to decorate any garden.


It is done at the end of summer, beginning of fall.
Place the seeds on top of the soil, preferably in a seedbed or seedbed and then transplant them either in a pot, planter or directly on the ground, at a distance of 3cm to 5cm between each one, covering the seeds with a thin layer of soil. , around 1cm, watering should be gentle so as not to move the soil and unearth the seeds.


They take 5 to 10 days to germinate after sowing.

Cultivation: The lily prefers to be planted in areas with abundant exposure to the sun, however, it can also survive in semi-shaded places. Try not to grow it in the shade, as this way it will not flower.

Use fertile soils with abundant organic matter and that drain water well. For the pot, Plant Soil will be more than enough.
Generally, you need to water it once a week during spring and autumn and twice a week during the hottest season (especially during the flowering season). Avoid flooding at all times.

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