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Lavender seeds

Lavender seeds

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It is a perennial shrub that grows up to 1 m tall. The flowers are gathered with long-stalked spikes from 10 to 30 cm unbranched, purple in color.

Uses: It has an aromatic fragrance and an infusion of flowers is traditionally used as a tranquilizer or sleep inducer. Also in perfumery, lavender essential oil and various perfumes and colognes are obtained. to perfume clothes by making a pineapple with the grouped leaves.

Mosquito repellent, instead it attracts butterflies and pollinating insects

Planting: Lavender blooms from mid-spring to late summer. It is a very interesting plant to grow because you can place it in any type of outdoor environment because it is very resistant and adapts to any soil.

Its natural habitat, however, is dry, rocky, and sunny terrain. That is why you should place the plant in a place where it receives a lot of natural light. The ideal is to grow it in a calcareous, poor, loose and deep soil, although the most important thing is that the soil has good drainage, that is why clayey soils are not recommended as it is common for water to stagnate there.

You can sow lavender both in pots and directly on the ground. Seeds should be planted in the fall in mild climate zones and in early spring in cooler areas.

Then locate the plant in a place where it receives plenty of sun and water so that the seedlings take root.

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