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Kiwi Seeds

Kiwi Seeds

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The kiwi plant or Actinia deliciosa is a deciduous and shrubby semi-woody climbing species, native to China and has spread throughout the world due to its delicious fruit. The kiwi plant can reach up to 9 m in length. Its leaves are petiolate, oval and curved from the base, dark green in color with light green veins. This plant, in modern crops, is usually monoecious or hermaphrodite, that is, it has male and female organs in the same flower, therefore, some species are self-fertile plants.

Of course, there are also kiwi plants that are dioecious, that is, unisexual and that need one another to reproduce through the pollen that the flower of the male plant expels and that fertilizes the flower of the female plant, giving consequently the development of the fruits. The flowers of the kiwi tree are usually fragrant and appear singly or in groups of up to 3. The flowers of the male and female kiwi plant have 5-6 yellowish-white petals.

female kiwi flower

The only way to tell a female kiwi plant from a male is by the flowers . The flowering of the female kiwi plant is distinguished by white colored pistils surrounded by yellow colored pistils, inside the flower. The male kiwi flower is distinguished by having only yellow-tipped pistils that protrude from the petals.

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