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Catnip Seeds

Catnip Seeds

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Catnip as a natural purgative. It is grown at home to promote the expulsion of hairballs

therefore, its main use is as a natural purgative. You only have to plant them at home, water them and after 4 days approx. they will germinate. Your cat will come by itself to nibble on it when it needs it!

Instead, Catnip is used to stimulate your cat's behavior. It is also known as Catnip and its scientific name is Nepeta cataria. The smell of mint attracts cats, but the effect it produces is different depending on the animal. Hortyjardín has both seeds at your disposal.

The ingestion of cat grass prevents the accumulation of hairballs in the intestine of our cat.

One of the most common problems in cats is the accumulation of hairballs in the intestine, which can cause discomfort and serious obstructions. To prevent this, we can provide our cat, in addition to frequent brushing, some products that will help it expel hairballs and purge itself, such as cat grass.

On many occasions, cats nibble on the plants they find at home, earning a good fight from the owner, who interprets their behavior as a prank. However, eating grass is a necessity that your body demands because, although the cat, like all felines, is a mainly carnivorous animal, it also needs vegetable supplements such as fiber.

cat grass

In addition, like dogs, cats use grass to purge themselves and eliminate stomach upsets, especially hairballs. The problem is that cats don't usually go outside, where they have all the grass they need, but instead have to use what they find at home.

The solution is very easy: you have to provide cat grass . We just have to plant them in a pot, water them and put them in a bright and warm place.

After three days the grass will begin to grow and when it reaches a height of about 4 cm. you can eat it now . Place it in an accessible place, so that the cat can take it whenever he needs it. After eating some of this herb, the cat is likely to vomit and expel the hairballs, thus removing the obstruction that causes discomfort.

Thus, in addition to preventing stomach problems and purging your body, we will prevent it from nibbling and eating indoor plants, which are mostly toxic plants for pets and can be dangerous.

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