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Mini Sunflower Seeds

Mini Sunflower Seeds

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The sunflower is one of the most popular flowering plants today. This beautiful plant is native to America, specifically the center and north of the continent, with Mexico being the main producer . In addition, it is one of the favorite flowers for garden ornamentation and floral arrangements, since sunflowers are also one of the most cultivated for the food sector.

The most important characteristic for which these flowers receive their name is their ability to follow the path of the sun, as they rotate in search of sunlight. The sunflower has the ability to move and orient its leaves, stems and flowers towards the sun naturally and this is known as heliotropism. Sunflowers seek sunlight at all times, so they may twist and move until they receive the light they need.

The sunflower is a plant that has a straight and thick stem, and the flower is made up of a brown center and beautiful yellow petals that surround it. The leaves are wide, oval, opposite and are covered with a type of hair that can be rough to the touch. The growth and harvest of this flower is annual, meaning that it germinates, blooms, and dies within the course of a year . The best part about these incredible flowers is that they are capable of growing up to three meters tall if given the right growing conditions.

The secrets to growing sunflowers

Perfect location

For a sunflower to develop correctly and grow in all its splendor, there are several factors that must be taken into account. The first is that sunflowers bloom in summer. The location of this plant is extremely important since although it is a bit obvious, it cannot flower in the shade, which is why it is the ideal vegetation for sunny areas of the garden. But don't worry because if you want to grow sunflowers in a pot you can too, just make sure to use the dwarf flower varieties.

Sunflowers need a lot of sunlight to grow and should be planted in spacious areas to grow as much as possible. In addition, it is extremely important to protect the crop from wind and frost.

Steps to plant sunflowers in soil

Sowing depth : 6 mm

Germination and temperature: 7-14 days at 15ºC.

Light: Full sun

Climate: Before planting sunflowers we must take the climate into account. This is a plant that does not particularly fear the heat : they are summer flowers that live well in full exposure to the sun and that tolerate short periods of aridity,

When: Sunflower is generally planted starting in late March and throughout April and May. Since it is a good-sized seed, you can place it directly in the field, trusting that germination will not present great difficulties.

On the other hand, if you prefer to plant the sunflower in seedbeds you can do so, with the advantage of being able to sow a few weeks before.

Where: Direct sowing in the ground or in a 10 L pot

Soil: Deep soils with a high content of nutrients, mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, preferably rich in organic substance, for this reason it is useful to fertilize after sowing, with compost or humus.

Watering: Once planted, if you want to grow sunflower successfully, it will be good to water the plant regularly without overdoing it, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. We must not forget that the sunflower fears excess water, but in semi-arid conditions they can absorb more water, thanks to their deep roots.

When they are thirsty , they show it immediately by lowering their foliage and retracting their corollas.

The sunflower does not need large amounts of water to survive, so it is more than enough to water only when the substrate is completely dry since its deep roots are capable of absorbing the water they need from the subsoil. If you have these plants in a vase, make sure to change the water constantly as the stems can rust and will last less time.

Distribution on the ground: If you plant several plants at the same time, you should try to place them 15/20 cm from each other. It is recommended to leave 60 cm of space between the rows to have a passage and give light to the plants.

Care: Once you have sown sunflower seeds in your garden or orchard, this is a very easy plant to manage, even with little work, the few precautions that must be taken during its cultivation are few and simple.

The sunflower develops vertically, and can be damaged by wind. That is why it is useful to help the plant with a support, such as a stick.

Weed thinning : When growing sunflowers, it is useful to also check that the seedling is not suffocated by weeds, but weeds do not create big problems for this flower because it grows very quickly and, given the size it reaches, competes effectively with weeds.

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