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Black Ayocote Bean Seeds

Black Ayocote Bean Seeds

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The ayocote bean is native to Mexico, its name derives from the Nahuatl "Ayocotl" Fat Bean. It was introduced to Europe after the conquest and is now cultivated throughout the world.

The herbaceous plant of the ayocote bean is annual or biennial, it grows in a climbing way, reaching up to 5 m in height. The flowers are hermaphroditic and occur in axillary clusters. The pods are long and flat with large round seeds.

To sow the ayocote bean it is recommended to do it in spring or summer when the soil temperature is higher than 15°C. It is sown directly into the ground at a depth of 3-4 cm and it is recommended to leave a distance between plants of 30-40 cm. Watering must be moderate and regular to prevent the soil from drying out. Harvesting is done when the pods are dry.


All parts of the plant—tender stems, flowers, immature pods, seeds, and roots—are used for human consumption through various preparations. The young stems and immature pods are treated as herbs, cooked and/or pan-fried. The flowers are often stewed or fried as a side to other dishes.

Due to its flowers it is a great attractant of pollinators


Elevation – 1400-2800 m

Precipitation – 400-2600mm

Soil types – well drained soils, pH 5.5-8

Temperature range – 5-30°C

Sensitivity to day length – depends on the variety

Light – full sun

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