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Strawberry Seeds on

Strawberry Seeds on

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Strawberries are a type of fruit vegetables and are part of the best-known fruits worldwide and are also among the favorites of adults and children.

And it is that, it does not cost much to enjoy thanks to its sweet and acid flavor that are a pleasure for the palate and its attractive and intense reddish color that captivates the eye; And as if that were not enough, they offer great nutritional properties.

Fortunately planting strawberries is very simple, in fact it is one of the easiest plants to grow;

The cultivation of strawberries can be done in an orchard or at home , either in a pot or in a garden.

It is a cold-resistant planting, which can grow in hot or cold places, even withstanding icy temperatures.

It has a preference for soils rich in fertilizer and with a controlled moisture content, in fact this is one of the greatest care when planting strawberries, the water content, since it is a plant that is very sensitive to moisture rot.

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