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Mixed Flower Seeds

Mixed Flower Seeds

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Special Mix Flowers

A careful combination of showy flowers, which require a minimum of care, which will achieve an excellent decoration in your garden, pots, planters or floral arrangements, with a wide variety of colors such as yellow, red, white, blue, pink, orange , salmon and marbled among others.


Soil preparation

Proper site preparation is important for the prompt germination of seeds and healthy growth of seedlings. The best results will be obtained by planting in clear ground. Remove existing vegetation such as weeds, debris or grass to avoid competition from other plants. This can be done by pulling or under-tilling. Dig up the soil and then tamp it down with a rake to create a level seedbed. Do not incorporate any fertilizer or manure, as it encourages grass growth, which displaces wildflowers.

In areas with colder climates, plant your plants in spring, early summer, or late fall.

Consider at least 10 to 12 weeks of growing time before the plants slow down during the winter.

In areas with warmer climates , plant during the coldest months of the year, from fall to spring, for best results. Fall plantings made before rainy periods can result in an early flower display the following spring.

For both areas, the key point is that when sowing seeds, the soil temperature should be at least 13°C.

Important note:

To spread the seeds more evenly, mix them well with Hortyjardín MR improved Black Earth with the minimum possible humidity at a rate of 10 parts of Earth to 1 part of seed. Spread your wildflower seeds by hand, scattering them loosely. to a maximum depth of ½ cm.

After scattering the seeds, it is imperative to pack them into the soil to encourage faster germination. Simply by gently squeezing the seeds with your hand.


Water the beds thoroughly, but not to the point of waterlogging with a spray bottle. Keep the soil constantly moist but not too wet until germination and seedlings have grown to 10 to 15 cm tall.

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