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Coleus seeds

Coleus seeds

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Although they are semi-shrub and outdoor plants in semi-protected conditions, they are highly appreciated as indoor ornamental plants in pots. They are plants that are very suitable as an introduction to gardening for the little ones due to their ease of cultivation and unusual color.

Coleus are annual or perennial plants, erect, fast-growing shrubs that reach, depending on the species, between half and one meter in height, although on some occasions they can reach up to two meters. Its roots are shallow. They have a stem with a quadrangular section that is not very lignified.

Its leaves are its great ornamental attraction with a showy coloration, the result of a harmonious mixture of colors that range from yellow to purple, from brown to green, etc. in its entire tonal range and distributed over the entire leaf in the form of spots, variegated, stripes and even forming concentric areas.

It blooms during the fall and winter seasons.

For the children.

They are very easy to grow and require little care, making them very suitable as an ornamental plant to introduce children to the fabulous world of plants.

Always in the shade or semi-shade in very sunny climates.

 We will ensure that the land is loamy and well fertilized. If we see that it retains excessive humidity, it is always good to improve it before planting and with a sand mixture so that it does not retain so much water. We recommend improved soil for hortyjardín® plants

Knowing that it likes an adjusted humidity, watering should be frequent and somewhat spaced from each other, without letting the substrate dry out and cause its leaves to become limp. We will avoid wetting the leaves.

 Inside the house it should be exposed in a well-lit area. This way your leaves will look more colorful.

Climate: It is a plant with a subtropical climate, so it does not tolerate the cold.


We will fertilize it with a liquid fertilizer diluted in the irrigation water, being more constant during spring and summer, times of greatest growth.

Cultivation of coleus

The cultivation of Coleus at a professional level is done from seeds; between 45 and 70 days the Coleus plants are ready for sale.

The seeds will be spread on the substrate and buried lightly, about 2 millimeters, and watered.

With a temperature of about 20ºC and constant humidity, these seeds usually germinate after two weeks. If there are drafts, it is highly recommended to cover the seedbed tray with a glass or transparent plastic sheet. This will also ensure a good temperature and prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.

When the seedlings have two to three pairs of true leaves, they will be ready to be transplanted into a pot. A few days after planting we can place it in more illuminated places so that they grow compact and with good color.

 Coleus physiopathies

Leaf fall. If it is accompanied by the fact that they are limp, it may be due to a lack of watering problem. If this is not the case and the watering is adequate, it is because it needs a cooler place.

Faint leaf color. Normally it is due to lack of light. Also due to lack of fertilizer. (use compost and/or universal fertilizer for Hortyjardín plants

Stem rot. If it is due to excess watering, the substrate must be allowed to dry, after a few days reduce it and replant with some new substrate to encourage the emission of new roots. Of course, take care of the frequency and amount of water.

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