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Seeds of Chile Piquín

Seeds of Chile Piquín

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Better known as chile piquín, it is a very spicy chile, originally from the Mexican state of Tabasco. It is also called mashito (by the Chontales indigenous people of Tabasco).

Classification and description

They are perennial, herbaceous or shrub-type plants, small, 0.5 to 2 m high, with a single stem and many ascending and spreading branches; green, brown, pubescent stems with curved hairs 0.4 mm long or almost smooth.


It is a berry, 8-10 mm long, 5-8 mm wide, of great variability of shapes, which can be round, oval, conical and elongated, but all are small, of different shades of green in the immature state, but intense and bright red when ripe.

These peppers are very hot, usually 7 to 8 times hotter than the jalapeno pepper on the Scoville scale (30,000-60,000 units). The flavor is described as citrus, smoky and almondy.

The daily temperature for its growth and development is 18-30 °C, with a night range of 15 to 21 °C, the minimum range for its germination and seedling growth is 15 °C. The conditions necessary for its development are shade or semi-shade, low light, and shallow soil. Its height, branching and root system increase if the luminosity is low.

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