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Seeds of Celosia Cristata

Seeds of Celosia Cristata

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The Celosia Cristata gives very showy and beautiful flowers. This variety is commonly known by the name of rooster's head due to the similarity of the flower to the head of this animal.

The perfect location for celosia cristata is one with no shade and well-drained soil, as the plant is susceptible to fungal diseases, the plant is often used as an ornamental plant indoors, its leaves and flowers can be used as vegetables,

They are annual plants of tropical origin and are herbaceous, which means they lack a woody stem, they grow well in humid and arid conditions, their flowers can last up to 8 weeks, the plant often grows up to 30 cm tall , although specimens standard are much smaller.

The flower can be divided into three parts: its tips, tufts and ridges are different from each other, but they have common features, generally bright colors, red, yellow, pink or orange,

The flowers are a compact crested head 5-13 cm wide, flowering on a stout stem that is 30-70 cm long.

Cultivation of the Celosia Cristata

The plants are hardy and can be easily grown from seed; These plants have their natural habitat of tropical origin, they thrive successfully in areas with a tropical climate, however, they can also be grown in the summer months in areas with colder climates, Celosia Cristata plants are annuals, they grow only for a fourth year

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