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Catnip Seeds-Nepeta Cataria

Catnip Seeds-Nepeta Cataria

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Catnip for your cat's behavior. It is also known as Catnip and its scientific name is Nepeta cataria . The smell of mint attracts cats, but the effect it produces is different depending on the animal, it activates some and relaxes others. Therefore, when you give it to your cat to try, it can help him move more (if he needs to lose weight, for example, this will make him get out of his bed) or, on the contrary, it calms his mood, it is perfect for when you know who are going to experience a stressful situation and need a natural pain reliever.

In ancient Roman times, this plant was used to cure all kinds of ailments and, more recently, it has been used in herbal infusion to aid digestion. In the case of cats, grass seems to be attractive and exciting.

When we put a cat in contact with cat grass, the animal rubs it, licks it and chews it with unusual interest , even making sounds similar to those produced by the female during heat. It is not clear why some cats react this way and others do not (about 30% of cats are not affected. Cat mint. Responsible for the narcotic effect of the herb is a molecule called nepetalactone, which penetrates the nasal passages. of cats and stimulates their sensitive neurons. The stimulating effect of Catnip lasts about ten minutes at most after exposure and then you can be immune to its charms for more than 30 minutes. Some cats remain very relaxed after exposure and staring into space. and others, however, become very excited and hyperactive.

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