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Nasturtium seeds on

Nasturtium seeds on

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The Nasturtium also known as blood flower or queen's taco; They are very useful and very beneficial to take advantage of in home and natural remedies. Although its leaves and flowers are also edible and can be included to beautify your dishes, give them flavor and provide nutrients to your cooking recipes.

The Nasturtium grows especially well in temperate zones and has rounded leaves, its flowers are large and very striking that we can see mainly during spring and summer, it is a perennial and annual plant.

The homeland of nasturtiums is Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. In these countries the plant also has a long tradition as a medicinal plant. The plant is especially rich in vitamins and minerals and a remedy used to cleanse the blood, as it supports the body in its detoxification. It also stimulates appetite and digestion, promotes circulation and provides well-being. A gentle stimulation is attributed to the plant.

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