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Cactus Seeds Mix

Cactus Seeds Mix

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The cactus is a succulent variety of the Cactaceae family, which is divided into 170 genera and more than 2,000 known species.

It is usually thorny, with thick leaves and stems. Also, depending on the variety, it can be a fruit tree .

Among their most important characteristics is the ability to accumulate a large amount of water in their stems, leaves or roots, which allows them to withstand long periods of drought.

Planting cacti requires a lot of patience and depends on several factors for its success.

They prefer in the garden or indoors , ideally they should remain at a temperature around 21 °C.

During the winter they should not be in very hot rooms, as this prevents them from entering winter rest, which is essential for these plants.

Most cacti do not tolerate temperatures below 7ºC.

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