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Blue Aubrietia Seeds

Blue Aubrietia Seeds

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🌸 Common names: Aubrieta, Aubrecia, Blue immortelle

🌸 Description:

  • Low-growing perennial herbaceous plant, reaching up to 20 cm in height.
  • Creeping stems that spread forming dense floral carpets.
  • Small, oval, silver-gray leaves.
  • Small flowers, with 4 petals, in blue, violet, pink, white or purple tones.
  • It blooms in spring, creating a tapestry of vibrant color.

🌸 Care:

  • Prefers well-drained soils with good sun.
  • Resists light frosts.
  • Requires moderate irrigation, avoiding waterlogging.
  • It can be pruned after flowering to encourage new growth.

🌸 Propagation:

  • It reproduces easily by seeds or cuttings.
  • The seeds are sown in spring or autumn.
  • Cuttings are taken in summer and rooted in a moist substrate.

🌸 Uses:

  • Ideal for covering rockeries, walls, slopes and planters.
  • It is used as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks.
  • Attracts butterflies and bees.

🌸 Additional information:

  • The Aubrieta Azul is an easy-care and low-maintenance plant.
  • It is an excellent option for gardening beginners.
  • It is a plant resistant to pests and diseases.


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