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Jacaranda tree seeds

Jacaranda tree seeds

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Main Characteristics: The Jacaranda is a tree known for its beautiful violet or lavender-blue flowering. Its leaves are opposite and pinnate, and its general shape is that of a deciduous tree with a height that can exceed 15 meters.

Origin: The Jacaranda genus is native to Central and South America, especially countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

Uses: The main use of the Jacaranda is ornamental, since its impressive flowers attract lovers of gardening and arboriculture. In addition, its wood is used in the manufacture of furniture and art objects.

Soil: Prefers well-drained and fertile soils. It can tolerate a wide range of soil types, but does not thrive in compacted or waterlogged soils.

Climate: Jacaranda thrives in warm, temperate climates. It is resistant to drought, but can also survive in areas with regular rainfall.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for the growth of Jacaranda ranges between 18°C ​​and 28°C. It can tolerate lower temperatures, but does not tolerate severe frosts.

Sowing Method: planted in pots or directly in the ground.

Sowing Depth: Seeds should be planted at a depth of approximately 1 to 2 cm in the ground or in pots.

Germination: Jacaranda seeds can germinate in 2 to 3 weeks if kept under adequate humidity and temperature conditions.

Cultivation: It is important to provide regular care for the young tree, including adequate watering and protection from insects and diseases. As it grows, it will require pruning to shape and control its size.

Irrigation: The Jacaranda needs regular watering during its initial growth stage. Once established, it is drought tolerant, but still benefits from occasional watering in prolonged dry periods. Overwatering should be avoided as it can lead to root rot problems.

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