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Guácimo tree seeds

Guácimo tree seeds

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Guácimo Tree: Main Characteristics

The Guácimo, scientifically known as Guazuma ulmifolia, is a tree native to tropical America that has several main characteristics:

  • Height and Shape: The Guácimo can grow up to 30 meters high. Its trunk is straight and cylindrical, with a rough and wrinkled bark.
  • Leaves: Its leaves are simple, alternate and elliptical in shape. They are dark green and measure 7 to 15 cm long.
  • Flowers: The flowers are small, white or pale yellow, and grouped in clusters.
  • Fruits: Produces fruits in the form of woody capsules that contain seeds. These fruits are known as guacímos.

Historical background

Guácimo has been used by various indigenous cultures throughout history in tropical America for its medicinal properties and its resistant wood.


  • Medicinal: Guácimo is used in traditional medicine to treat respiratory conditions, inflammation, and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Wood: Guácimo wood is appreciated for its durability and is used in the construction of furniture and carpentry.
  • Forage: The leaves and fruits of the Guácimo are used as fodder for livestock.

Soil and Climate

  • Soil: The Guácimo prefers well-drained soils rich in nutrients. It is capable of growing in sandy, clay or silty soils.
  • Climate: It is found in regions with a tropical and subtropical climate, with warm temperatures throughout the year.


The Guácimo thrives in temperatures ranging between 20°C and 30°C, being resistant to frost.

Recommended Sowing Method and Sowing Depth

Guácimo can be propagated through seeds. The recommended planting method involves:

  • Sow the seeds at a depth of approximately 2 cm in pots or in nurseries.


Germination of Guácimo seeds generally occurs within 2 to 4 weeks after sowing, although it can vary.


Once the seedlings are at least 30 cm tall, they can be transplanted into the field, leaving adequate space between them for growth.


The Guácimo requires regular watering during the first months after transplanting. Next, it is drought resistant and can survive with natural rainfall in its growing area.



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