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Framboyan tree seeds on

Framboyan tree seeds on

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It is one of the most colorful trees in the world due to its red, orange flowers, and its bright green foliage. It can measure up to 8 – 15 m. In Tropical America it is considered an exotic ornamental species, which is why it has a wide distribution.

Its foliage is dense and widespread, in areas with very marked dry seasons it loses its leaves, however, in less rigorous conditions it is evergreen. (evergreen)

The flowers are large, with four petals up to 8 cm long and a fifth petal called the banner, which is longer and spotted with yellow and white.

Distribution and habitat

It is native to the dry deciduous forest of Madagascar. It requires a tropical or tropical-like climate to survive, although it can tolerate drought and salinity.

In Mexico, being an exotic species, it is distributed practically throughout the national territory with the exception of Baja California and the central northern part of the country.

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