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Colorín tree seeds

Colorín tree seeds

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Without a doubt, the colorín or zompantle is one of our most recognized Mexican plants, not only for its medicinal properties, but also as a great and delicious flavor for the palate, due to its flowers that are used today in the preparation of dishes. of culinary art.

In the 17th century, the Florentine codex attributes only aesthetic value to it, although it also has medicinal properties.

The zompantle or colorín is a tree from 3 to 10m high, with thorny branches, its leaves are divided, pale green in color and have groups of red flowers like rings. The leaves are large, trifoliate and with many thorns, long petiolate and alternating with each other.

The zompantle or colorín is native to Mexico, its flowering and fruiting occurs or occurs in the months of March to April.

It is used in agriculture as a living fence and in some regions it is grown as a shade plant, especially in cocoa and coffee plantations; As food, its shoots and flowers are appreciated in stews, its flowers


The seed, by its nature, is very hard, so to help germination it is advisable to scrape the seed a little against a rough surface so that the embryo is exposed and germination is faster, as shown in this video. Once germinated, it is transplanted to help it grow.

Instructions inside the packaging.

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