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Cazahuate tree seeds

Cazahuate tree seeds

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Ipomoea murucoides, commonly called cascahuate or palo bobo, is a species of plant in the convolvulaceae family, native to North America.

The Cazahuate is a tree with dense and thin branches, a sinuous dark-colored trunk that grows to 5-10 m. The extensive umbrella-shaped or ovoid crown tends to lose foliage annually. It is a fast growing tree, two to three meters per year, with a trunk diameter of 50 cm in adult plants.

It is a shrub or, more frequently, a tree up to 8 m high, with soft wood. The trunk is yellowish gray, smooth at maturity, up to 40 cm in diameter and highly branched. The smooth-margined leaves are oblong-elliptic with an acute or acuminate apex, 8 to 17 cm long and 3 to 5 cm wide; They are glabrous on the upper surface and with pubescence on the veins on the underside. The solitary flowers appear in the axils of the leaves or are arranged in terminal panicles. Its white corolla is infundibuliform, about 7 cm in diameter and length. The fruit is an ovoid capsule, 1.8 to 2.5 cm long, with 4 seeds, ellipsoid, 10 to 12 mm long and with long, pointed white hairs.

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