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Poppy seeds on

Poppy seeds on

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Poppies are versatile and sensational flowers that come in many varieties, from the large oriental poppies, which reach 120cm in height, to the more demure alpine poppies, which reach 25cm. These are tough plants and can grow in any well-drained soil, but our tips will teach you how to plant them so you can have a healthy, flourishing garden.

The poppy is one of the best-known flowers in the garden plant environment. Surely you have heard a lot about it or read about it because it is the most popular and common.

The first of them talks about the common poppy, the one in the field, the one we all know, while the second is a wild plant that acts in many parts of the world as a medicinal element. We will focus on Papaver , which is the most talked about and certainly also contains some therapeutic uses. As a note we must say that the Californian poppy also exists, although this is a somewhat different style .

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