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Cucamelon seeds

Cucamelon seeds

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Cucamelon is a fruit of Mexican origin that is characterized by having the size of a grape, the appearance of a watermelon and the flavor of a sour cucumber.

Cucamelon is also known as mouse watermelon or Mexican sour cucumber. These are small fruits from a climbing plant and have become the ideal companions for preparing salads.

It is presumed that the cucamelon began to be cultivated since pre-Hispanic times, however, there is little official information disclosed about this small fruit. For example, it is known that its scientific name corresponds to the climbing plant from which it comes, Melothria scabra.

According to an article in the Wisconsin Master Gardener, the mouse watermelon is related to the cucumber. In addition, it is native to Mexico and Central America - although it is currently only popular in the United States and England.

The appearance of the cucamelon is that of a watermelon, the difference is that it is the tiny size of a grape. In addition, its interior is similar to that of a cucumber and the flavor is somewhat acidic but very fresh. Thanks to this, it is an excellent food in hot weather, especially in summer. It is worth mentioning that it is easy to grow the cucamelon although it is not easy to find its seeds.

Cucamelon can be eaten as a snack or in delicious salads. You can accompany it with lettuce, tomato, white cheese and a little vinegar or olive oil.

Despite their small size, cucamelons have great nutritional value. They are rich in fiber, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Because of this, they are excellent for reducing the risks of heart and cerebrovascular diseases and are also used to combat premature aging.

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