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Gúeros Chiles Seeds

Gúeros Chiles Seeds

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The güero chili is a variety of fresh chili native to Mexico.
The güero chile is considered a low to medium level chile on the Scoville scale, with a degree of heat that can vary depending on the degree of maturity.

We will need heat and sun.
Chili is still a variant of pepper, so as a good nightshade, its light and thermal needs are high.

It even withstands direct rays, although it is not a question of scorching them, because they will ripen too soon and even the fruits can suffer if they are heated excessively.

LAND: A good substrate is essential for a good chili. We need loose, light, fertile and well-drained soil to ensure good nutrition and avoid waterlogging. They are crops that are quite demanding in nutrients. You have to be careful with nitrogen.

IRRIGATION: It is a plant with high water requirements. Frequent and moderate-abundant irrigation. Mostly in summer. In addition, growing chili peppers in a pot may need a little more frequency to maintain an adequate level of humidity in the substrate.
We should never waterlog the substrate or wet the leaves. We will encourage the appearance of fungi. Remove excess water from the plate once watered.

SOWING: Sowing will be done at the end of winter and in spring in a protected seedbed, with a germination temperature of 25 ºC and gentle and frequent watering, we will have the seeds germinated in 3 weeks.

Sow preferably in a seedbed or seedbed or in a pot, planter or direct soil at a depth of 3 mm and at a distance of 60 cm between plants.
When we have somewhat consistent plants, we proceed to transplant them into a definitive pot.


HARVESTING: It takes between 70 to 120 days

FRUITS: The plant reaches a height of 50 cm. Its fruiting spans spring and summer. Furthermore, at home we have the advantage of being able to advance sowing a little. Not too much either because they need quite a few hours of light per day for flowering.


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