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Peanut seeds

Peanut seeds

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In terms of appearance, the peanut is a fibrous, branching herbaceous plant that can grow decumbent or upright, reaching heights of 30 to 80 cm. Its fruits develop underground inside a rounded, woody-looking pod that contains one to five seeds.

It is native to South America and is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. Its underground fruits are edible oily legumes that have a high nutritional value and are highly appreciated in gastronomy.

Peanut seeds have a high protein content (25-35%) and essential oils (45-55%). The main fatty acids present in these seeds are oleic acid (35-70%) and linoleic acid (15-45%).

Peanut flowers are hermaphroditic, pentamerous, zygomorphic, and are found in the axils of the plant. They are yellow in color and, once fertilized, the gynophore (an elongated structure) curves and penetrates the soil to form the fruit. The peanut fruit is a modified indehiscent legume in which the oily seeds are found covered by a thin reddish cuticle.

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