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Feathery Bamboo Seeds

Feathery Bamboo Seeds

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Bamboos are a very popular plant in the decoration of homes and businesses, both indoors and in gardens, due to how undemanding their care is and the striking Asian touch that they add to any environment.

How to plant bamboo

How to plant bamboo in a pot:

It is perfectly possible to plant bamboo in a pot, but there are some factors that need to be taken into account. On the one hand, we must consider that bamboo is a plant that occupies a large amount of volume underground, so it is advisable to choose large pots for it.

If you are going to have your pot outdoors, it is better that you use a resin pot or some very resistant material, since ceramic ones can end up breaking due to the great force of the bamboo roots.

  • Before sowing your bamboo seeds, soak them overnight in clean water.

  • Always sow during spring, and use a substrate rich in peat and fertilized, if possible, with organic and ecological fertilizer. (Humus or Coposta)

  • If you live in a very hot area, you can plant in autumn, to spare the young plant the worst of the summer. The most common germination period is between 10 and 25 days.

  • Moisten the soil after sowing, although without waterlogging.

  • Put the pot somewhere shady.

  • Prepare the soil with some well-mixed natural fertilizer.

  • Make a hole in the center of the pot a few centimeters deep.

  • First make sure the pot has good drainage.

How to plant bamboo in soil or land:

If you want to plant bamboo in the ground, the dates are the same as for planting in a pot: spring or autumn if your climate is very hot. Depending on the climate, outdoors or on the ground

  • Steps to plant bamboo in soil

  • Choose an area of ​​the land with shade or semi-shade.

  • Prepare the soil by stirring and aerating it, to then sow your previously sunny and soaked seeds about 3 cm deep.

  • Leave a space of at least 1 meter between each seed.

  • It may also be a good idea to use sheet metal or cement barriers around the perimeter where you don't want their rhizomes to emerge. It is a plant with an enormous capacity for extension,

Bamboo care:

Bamboos mainly require two things:

  1. constant and abundant irrigation, although without waterlogging

  2. an illuminated area, but with semi-shade. The latter is especially important in hot areas with hot summers, where prolonged exposure to intense sun can damage the plant.

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